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Best Vibes Family Tribes

About Us

We are everyday adults that practice and encourage our families to approach life with zest in a growth mindset. 

We believe in evidence-based information, like to belly laugh, we hold opinions but are not bound to a rigid political or religious doctrine, enjoy trying new foods, activities and adventures. 

We inspire parents to participate in meaningful programmings and to connect with other like-minded parents so that they can confidently trust their life's journey and have more fun achieving work, family and life balance.

We'll do this together by prioritizing positive and rewarding friendships, partner with exclusive mentors, engage with trustworthy information and actively collaborate in a community where we belong.

Why You Should Join Us

Unlike other platforms, there are no algorithms, no ads or pointless chatter, "likes," or banter. You are the Super Hero is your epic adventure and are here, for your own transformation. This Village is full of meaningful tools and helpful guides to help you enjoy the journey!

By joining you will gain a network of vetted experts, on-demand programming, meaningful relationships, and reliable content that provides a structured and practical space to count on.

Your voice and interests are enhanced through your chosen areas of interest and your engaged participation in the activity feeds, polls, and programming amplify the value. 

We are committed to listening to you so that the content provided remains useful and evergreen.  

This natural feedback loop makes this the village where parents truly belong!

Who is this for?

Curious and engaged adults that are tired of trying to achieve perfection and more interested in exploring new ways, behaviors, thoughts or activities to better manage and have more fun achieving family, self and work balance.

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